An early morning to build trust for a job

i got up at 4:45 am to take the Pacific Surfliner from Los Angeles down to Anaheim. A friend of mine got me a job to help a guy install a 100 amp electrical panel on top of a 200 amp panel on his house. Going to be a good day to get experience to not only build my work resume but also show I am a trustworthy guy. I got down here using The car ride service lyft which turned out to be a cheaper service then uber only had to pay 15$ for the ride from west Los Angeles to downtown which was a good 15 miles a $ a mile only. Who knew there are other services out there.

I have not only proved to my friend I can get around but now I can prove I don’t need a drivers license to get there early. Although I do wish I lived near the expo line. If you get the expo line you can shave 15$ off but fortunately for myself my family is well off. When you need to work around something always be sure to strategically place yourself near a metro station or train station. That way you can travel long distances without much cost. Things will get better over time.

As for my work in Programming, I’ve taken a stumble a few times but now I’m well on my way to getting back on track 



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