Real world vs virtual applications

I apologize for the absence of my posts but I’ve been busy with school and trying to be sure my grades are good. I wanted to give my opinions on how the world has changed. 

It seems interesting how the only real world devices are your iPad, iPhones, iPods and computers. If someone came out with a new real world device though it would never be able to rival an apple product. It’s interesting how in the 80’s and 90’s real world devices were a lot more prevalent. By that I mean you would not only use a computer but also you would use a television, alarm clock and even a video game console. 

The television in the 2010 – 2020 is now referred to as the “dumbest” device in your household. Where most people barely even use it unless they are very old or poor. The average millennial is on their iPhones and computers just typing away on Facebook to their friends, tweeting a political discussion on Twitter or just watching a Vice news video on YouTube. All part of the future.

But have you ever notices all 3 of those things can all be done on a small handheld terminal device known as an iPhone? You begin to wonder just how fast and yet how screwed technology companies are becoming. 

I would say the most psychotic man to have ever came onto the technology scene was Steve Jobs. As far as I’m concerned Steve jobs was a worthless idiot who got lucky. While in his youth he was experimenting with mind altering drugs such as LSD, marijuana and magic mushrooms. 

Before he died his final wish was to phase out the CD rom world completely. One of his Apple updates did just that for all Apple computers. With his last wish the “App store” was created within the computer itself which then turned everything into a complete walled garden. If you were never good with electronics or have never been interested in electricity this was probably a convenience for you but if you were, this made a lot of horrific issues that ended up screwing you over.

Apple had become a large monopoly that has taken over the electronics industry with only Windows left which was its dying competitor. Now microsoft’s only hope is the Xbox 360 but even that might be phased out by the next generation. Having too many real world devices has become too much of a burden on people.

 Though what people don’t understand is that this can be the end of the conservative civilization we once knew and loved. The next civilization in 2025 may be a completely different one. 

There will probably be very few people who work with their hands.The world war 2 generation will all be dead and the baby boomers will be the old ones who barely remember anything. They will be too busy on Facebook adding their idiot classmates from high school.

Life will begin to have reached its verdict and the next stage will begin. The work will be a lot smaller and based on computers but my question comes where what will happen. Will we still need electricians or will that job be extinct? Will our biological evolution reflect the same as our technological evolution? Who will be left on the planet to take care of the heavy duty work in the USA? 

So many questions yet all of this is supposed to be revealed in 10 years. In Europe it’s already revealed to where the European men and women are small and frail. Their only form of outrage is on the Internet. Most of these “social warriors” are too afraid to say their opinion in public so they will blurt it out on the web. To be honest though I was the same exact way for a good 3 months but I’ve learned to grow and expand my horizon. I have gotten off Facebook and Twitter and have re-embraced the real world. But unfortunately most of the world isn’t doing that. 

You can say anti-semitism doesn’t exist until you go on YouTube comments or just go to a Facebook or Twitter page and you can see nothing but. People are too frightened to say their opinions out loud so they will say it under an anonymous name or just say it on the web. 

You can or you probably have met someone who seemed completely polite and nice but online they are heavily racist. You will also notice this kind of hatred is leaking into the real world with that kid “Dylan Roof”. A loner who was listening to this pure dribble on the internet until he got up the idea to go out and shoot up a church of peaceful people who probably don’t use the Internet as much. Hard working people filled with love, but the Internet forums had coaxed him into believing life wasn’t that important and thus it came into what we saw now as the results of a horrific incident.

The Internet has created a world where complete and total strangers find solace in their angry and hate filled opinions. Able to keep themselves anonymous. They believe they are doing something but in reality they are sitting in their bathrobes stuck to obsessive anger and never even trying to enjoy life. 

In one sense the virtual world is good for gathering information on a whole range of subjects such as electrical engineering all the way to biomedical engineering. In the end though is it really worth trading away the ability to enjoy life and see the happiness that you have all around you, but you’re too busy hating something completely out of your control to notice it.Fortunately now I am completely able to see the real world. I’m immune to Internet rage and my life has never been happier. I have been able to focus on my studies and one day all my hard work shall pay off in the form of an associates degree. In the end, every person on Facebook is a sheep and Mark Zuckerberg is the shepherd.


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