The Kingdom of God is within your hands

The time of rage and perseverance is among you. No one can take the blood,sweat and tears you have given to begin a new amongst the electrics. The Dying Kingdom will soon be gone and a new world shall begin. Remember God shall guide you through the Alternating Currents of the world. Remember the story of David and the Phillistine Goliath. Battling him at the gates of Gath. 

Remember the world was against David and the Israelites in the ancient days. 

Although I know there are many bible quotes just remember there are no Unions here, no hatred. 

As long as your body can flow with current. So long as every heart beat has electricity, every thought is an electric impulse. The sword of David shall guide your world and remember, the fight shall never give up. So long as I battle the opposing current of an old kingdom I expect the same for you. We are not useless, we are humans that have electrical pulses in all of us.

For those who aren’t familiar with the state of Israel. The national anthem “The Hatikvah” has been sung in the depths of hell. With the Arab states nearing the next holocaust of the Jewish state. This song was sung by the Israelis who were able to fend them off in the 1967 Yom Kippur war. With God we shall persevere, we will prove in the face of Goliath and the IBEW that we are useful and they can not tell us otherwise. We shall not fall! We shall become one and show who we truly are. And through our struggles, through our hard work, we can build an electrical world where anyone can be an electrician and freely feel like one another. We are humans too whether we are disabled mentally or physically we shall battle the forces.

Kol ode balevav

P’nimah –
Nefesh Yehudi homiyah
Ulfa’atey mizrach kadimah

Ayin l’tzion tzofiyah.
Ode lo avdah tikvatenu

Hatikvah bat shnot alpayim:
L’hiyot am chofshi b’artzenu –

Eretz Tzion v’Yerushalayim.


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