Follow the Path of God or not it is your choice

There is a path that God has laid out in each and every one of us. The path has been pre determined before we were even born. Through our DNA we have been created in a certain way and when we activate this way we will help people in the highest degree. 

Sometimes the path is murky and other times it is clear.We have goals that don’t even follow the path. My path in life I knew since I was a young one was to be an electrician. I remember when I was 9 of reading the biography of Albert Einstein and knowing his life on how electricity has made it wonderful. 

Unfortunately though in my schools they did not teach us anything about it and even discouraged it. I got more into politics and mathematics when I was older without even realizing I wasn’t very good in it but i thought it was my path so I kept trying until I failed out last year. At the age of 20 I have rerouted my path and have found electrical work to be the way to go. I actually never even heard of the word electrician until I enrolled into my technical college. 
How you ever wish to call it whether an atheist will call it physics but I call it God’s path. I have finally found my calling and I get nothing but A’s in my classes for electrical. Believe me I know there are more hurtles and challenges but these are what deepen our desires to go forward. 

Don’t let the shallow assholes of the world distract you from what is real. Twitter, Facebook and all of that social media stuff tends to distract you and incapacitate you from your real path. The real path comes from within. It’s that inner drive within you to build and strengthen who you are. 

The cannabis users and education nazis of the world are nothing but distractions. People who have never really done anything with their lives. They have given up before it has begun. Education nazis only know how to get through the general curriculum of school and then force their opinions on everyone else.

 These English and Political science professors who think they’re so smart are in reality just distractions. They’re there as just a hurtle to climb over just like their opposite counterparts the cannabis users. 

The cannabis users are these lazy hurtles that try and make everyone around them believe what they believe. They take an extremely obnoxious smelling drug that tends to get others around it high. These “people” have no meaning in the work place but they try to force their agenda through political campaigns to legalize their habit. In the end they are nothing more then just another deceptive hurtle you need to jump over to find Gods path.

These are just the general ones. So for the disabled or injured tradesman struggling through this occupation, keep going because you are completely on the right path. Believe me when I say this, prove to the lord you place your trust in him and he shall provide ways to get around the hurtles.  

If you ever wish to talk to me personally I’d love to hear your story my email is 


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