Chinese laborers demand higher wages= possible automated manufacturing era

According to a study conducted by Yale University, many workers are now demanding wages and benefits far greater than the minimum wages they see now. 

For manufacturing workers back home this can be a brand new start to an era of automated manufacturing. Although automated manufacturing is nothing new, it never had the chance to grow here in the United States due to the abundance of cheap labor in China.

 The idea in investing in machinery and 9-10 technicians was something that seemed psychotic to most companies. It was easier to allow the death of 1500 workers in Bangladesh just to make a few hundred garments. Why is that? 

Most of these workers  only worked for around 10-15 cents per hour and lived on 1.20$ per week.Though these same workers are now fed up with the way they are treated. 

The problem with these companies is how they really don’t have much concern for human life. Finances are more important of course. They tend to threaten us by taking our jobs away all because we wanted to be treated as human beings.

For engineers and electricians, this is the beginning of a new age of work. No longer will engineers have to work only as electronics experts or managers and no longer will electricians look at construction and service as their only way of income. 

As electric workers we really need to bound together as one here. There shouldn’t be a difference anymore between engineer and electrician. Engineers should be able to splice a wire and work with hand tools just like an electrician should be able to design their own buildings. We need to unite in this cause.



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