Anime Robots and Electricity God Drones

The art that gets me to build and design many ideas comes from nothing more then the Anime everyone has forgotten about. I remember when the world was much happier with anime. No one cared much about politics or religion, it was all about building art inspired by our childhood.

Things were so great sometimes I feel like that’s why everyone loves Japan and why they are such a fun country. They get inspiration from their own anime to build robots that look after their elderly.

I remember having a Facebook and was part of an electrical group that really never enjoyed what I enjoyed in it. They had smart ass remarks like “what kind of drugs are you taking” or something like that but to this day the robotics side of my Electrical world is powered on nothing but Anime.

When I work on my Arduino projects I tend to build based on these ideas of Cyborgs that are able to regenerate after a punch from a Super Saiyan.





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