Electrical Theory applied to Ghosts


I’m sure we all hear that ghosts are energy but what exactly do they do? Well ghosts tend to create an electromagnetic field that can actually play with certain parts of the brain causing dizziness or hallucinations, which may be the reason why we tend to fear ghosts. These fields tend to have a sound known as infrasound, which is something typically associated with spirits. This field of energy is what causes the feelings of discomfort and paranoia.

Well before we get frightened I do need to let you know that many engineers and electricians actually do NOT believe in ghosts. The idea that there is an intelligence amongst a field of energy sounds crazy to a lot of them. Even though there are also many engineers and electricians who are devoutly religious. In one sense they don’t believe in ghosts, however they will believe in the Prophets of Muhammad,Jesus and Moses.

Something that electrical people can not disprove is the fact that our whole bodies use electricity. Our very heart works the same way as a water pump in a pool.Our minds tend to work like a circuit board where one thought is like a switch that moves our muscles.Not only that but we also recycle the same electricity throughout our body until our hearts give out.Another law that helps with the Ghost theory is that energy never goes away or dissipates but only transfers to another vessel or area that needs it.

Based on these laws, if your grandmother is not a ghost then she probably is being used in a sewage pump which is moving your whole town’s sewage into another area. Then once used up she goes back in the air again in order to become the same energy some nerd is using to for his sex robot. So you’re grandmother is being used for a nerd to pleasure himself. I believe it’s a lot more pleasing to think of her haunting her cemetery.

Jokes aside the only 2 ways that can happen is if she died next to a power plant or her energy wandered into one. The point of that was to explain exactly how the transfer of energy cycles. But still the question still ponders, does your body have enough energy to create a loosely joined body of protons and electrons that can affect a living person? Questions, questions and more questions that need to be solved.

I do not know the question of whether or not ghosts exist. I personally have never encountered one but I do know people who have, however it still does not come across as true. The only time I will personally believe ghosts exist is if they are stand right there scaring me with their flailing arms and ooga booga eyes. And even if I see one I will probably just get one of my poorly made motors with the glued on magnet, poorly attached rotor sitting on a nail and the threaded copper wire that wraps around the magnets.Who knows, the ghost might be shot out of the rotor and into some stupid kid’s ouija board.

Ouija Boards are probably the next rip off idea, that makes no sense that some words and a board made by Hasbro can summon ghosts and demons. The only reason why people “feel” the glass piece moving  is mainly because they move it on their own in anticipation of empty promises.


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