Maintaining Resilience even in the darkest moments of your career

There will come a time in your career as an electrician where you will be challenged into thinking, were you born to be an electrician? A tough and harsh question that I have personally faced many times. Believe me I’ve cried many times and have felt the heavy depression to end everything.

I’ve had to look back at the time when I failed out of my university and I asked myself why was I such a hateful human. Couldn’t I see even back then to try and pick myself up from the dirt of my own shit.I’ve had those moments when I felt completely useless, I remember crying to my teachers in class about it but there was one who believed in me. There was one who told me to never listen to those idiots who keep making me feel useless.

When I had a Facebook I remember I was crying and writing a post on an Electrician group. They were good people that have given me peace and a form of feeling better. That was the reason why I built this wordpress was in the idea there must be millions of tradesman throughout the world crying and cursing God for their disabilities. We can’t control who we are and sometimes the only thing we can do is try and reconfigure our lives.

Indeed we live in rough times where people look at us as garbage on the streets. It’s pathetic how they look at us as purely worthless when we can do a lot but only one or two things. Thanks to technology though, there is rapid advancement to cover the places that we were lacking in. It’s going to come soon you just have to keep strong.

However, I understand the feelings you’re going through.Don’t give up because there is a place for you in this world and it will come soon. There are many places you can excel in that many “perfect” electricians can’t excel in. Resilience is in many stories that we read about whether we find it in Asop’s fables or the bible.


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