Hover Glider

My first toy airplane I made that flew beautifully. By beautifully I mean across the street to my neighbor’s house, that’s pretty good here in Los Angeles due to the fact we have very wide streets.

You see the Hover Glider is mainly just two DC vibration motors that suck up 3 volts worth of batteries, which are placed on each side.The reason for this is to harmonize weight distribution alongside of the relatively wide wing span. As for the DC motors, the reason they are so close together is because they control the direction of the plane which is giving it a boost so it doesn’t hit the ground hard.

Electronics and toy building was a way of coping with depression for a long time. Heavy, heavy depression I’ve suffered from the old days.I remember those days so clearly where I cried daily and nightly, I was white as a ghost and really felt no way around it. A time of pure hell indeed. Fortunately I had become immersed into the trades world and have once again found who I was.

And the best part is now I can really prove to many people I have gotten back on my feet.

Photo on 11-1-14 at 9.45 PM.jpgPhoto on 11-1-14 at 9.45 PM #3.jpg



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