Marijuana, the showing of lack of self esteem in America

In the USA, it has become the mantra of every liberal talkshow host and musician. Marijuana is not only good for you but it makes you creative and brilliant. Nothing can be further from the truth. The slight majority of Americans have agreed that marijuana should now be legalized compared with only 7% in the 1970’s.

Marijuana is actually an addictive substance that many people, with an addictive personality, can’t live without.From my own experience, I have seen people who have once been sane and normal people become animalistic and aggressive after only a year of marijuana smoking. The baby boomer age has been the worst in this where they have taken advantage of their role as the wise but never have they been less wise.

Did you know the baby boomer age, the age that smokes pot the most, has been dying off the fastest? There have been many articles on how this age has been dying quite fast through drug overdoses,suicides and many other ways. Although there are many baby boomers still against it, they are the mainstream that are pushing for legalization nationwide.

What most people in the United States don’t realize is pushing legalized marijuana is an extremely dangerous proposition to the Blue Collar and trade groups in America. People such as electricians, truck drivers,carpenters, Electronics technicians and even military service members would be in danger of losing their jobs if they get second hand smoke from someone on the street. Tradesmen who drive are not safe either, it is very easy for pot smoke to be able to get through the air conditioners along with smelling it through the ventilation in your apartment or condo.

Most of the millennials don’t care because they are hoping to get into white collar and easy jobs. Most of those white collar jobs though are extremely hard to get due to the high number of applicants trying to get in. Even electrical engineers have it hard due to the fact they have so much competition throughout the world, just because you have a bachelor’s in electrical engineering doesn’t mean you get priority over the applicants from Pakistan,India,Lebanon,Israel,S. Korea, Japan, China or Germany.

All countries with large Engineering populations are just dying to come to the United States. And even engineers need to take a drug examination in order to qualify, so that means if they inhale secondhand smoke they will suffer also. For those who don’t know, Engineers do not work with soldering irons,wires or transistors themselves, they usually do research in studying the particles in electricity along with designing semi-conductors. Most of their work tends to be in design, which is why it is such a desired job in the industry. It is the only job where the only way you can hurt yourself is from a paper cut.

So, if anything, drug legalization is an extremely selfish concept that only benefits the lowest common denominators of society such as the fringe groups such as the homeless or the low end fast food workers. Anyone who advocates marijuana doesn’t understand the heavy implications it has over the country.

As for Marijuana Advocates, that won’t listen or care about these people, they are a selfish and hate filled group with drug addled minds. It is not a stretch to say that Marijuana Culture is a selfish culture that doesn’t care for the users’ welfare.They only care about pumping your mind full of drugs in order to take every single dollar you have in your wallet.


3 thoughts on “Marijuana, the showing of lack of self esteem in America

  1. Well I appreciate you bringing up something I have not noted. The modern medical marijuana system was introduced in the 80’s as a hit and miss treatment for aids patients in order to have a healthy appetite. Modern medicines do not require the help of marijuana anymore. However did you know in the 30’s,40’s and 50’s that tobacco was actually used to cure Parkinson’s disease and speech impediments.

    Although a few strands of marijuana extracts have been proven to help glaucoma, the predominant and vast majority of medical marijuana users don’t have glaucoma. They don’t even have cancer , the vast majority of medical marijuana users have walked into a medical marijuana clinic have provided a small and insignificant illness such as insomnia and depression and even with no proof.

    The head of the DEA himself had called medical marijuana a joke where anyone can walk in and get a card. The medical argument has been an exhausted argument now that most people tend to refer back to, but now it’s a different world and medicine does not need it. In fact many doctors throughout Canada and the USA condemn smoking marijuana.


    1. Since you are in the medical field have you seen the Harvard Medical School Research on all of the negative impacts on the drug and the lack of legitimate medical uses for it? Also not only that but Washington State has legalized recreational marijuana also known as Washington Initiative 502 which has enacted Marijuana reform of all criminal charges so the idea of a Medical Marijuana card system is null and void. Not only that but you sound very aggressive towards my stance by calling me “woefully ignorant”. Here in California anyone can walk into any Medical Marijuana Clinic and state any type of distress without having to show any proof and after they pay the fee of 60$ they immediately receive a card. The comments you made demonstrate proof of the latest studies that marijuana eliminates impulse control and increases hostility.


      1. There is nothing misstated about what I’ve said however why would you be commenting on a website devoted to Electrical work when as a Rad Tech you should have a very busy schedule in Urgent Care. It is a Monday after all. Are you a user yourself?


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