Drones and terrorism

The drones we have grown fond of as a small hobby have really  come under some heavy critique. Today, an article in the Guardian says a British think tank absolutely believes that the hobby drone can be used for terrorism. Something I’ve never thought of but after sometime I have been able to see how it can. Due to terrorist activity though I will not go into detail how it can be used. However, this is not the first time these drones have been thought to be used for crime.

There have been allegations that peeping toms use drones as a way of spying on women. Making it very unsafe for women in any floor of their apartment to be safe. It seems that these innocent drones, used more as toys, are now turning into weapons which is why the Federal Government now has each and every drone required registry in order to track them. Fortunately, they can track any transaction to find out if a drone is not registered. The government can and will track your footsteps anywhere you go so be sure to register your drone.

Personally I feel a bit saddened by the news that people are using them for bad, although it is expected. When I was a boy, I loved to play with RC cars. One of my biggest loves, even to this day, were my RC’s. Unfortunately I do understand many terrorists have used those as weapons too.

Although I do not wish for them to be illegal, I do believe there needs to be active no fly zones in residential and commercial areas. Drones can be flown in open area zones where they can be enjoyed. We’ve turned a short-lived innocent hobby into a sneaky weapon that can be used by criminals and terrorists. Electronics are a new area where almost anything can happen, people get ideas and those ideas can really hurt someone if they fall into the wrong hands.



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