Overcoming PTSD with the Machines of God

For the electricians and tradesman who have grown up in relatively peaceful houses with tradesmen for fathers, this isn’t a problem. However a lot of tradesmen throughout the USA deal with PTSD on a daily basis. The reason why I have started this blog was a way to help electricians and electrical workers deal with the many problems that we face but others don’t see. For myself it is time to open up about my own dealings.

You see I never started as a tradesman, only 3 years ago today I wanted to become a mathematician. I remember that when I was in catholic school, I wanted to go to a city college to figure things out. However, my parents did not allow this to happen. I remember to this day how my mom had signed me up for some SAT prep class which had changed my life. I didn’t want to be there but people made me felt obligated. If I could relive it, I would have told myself to spit in the counselor’s eye and run away from that. Unfortunately, they saw a very unique talent to where I was extremely good with numbers. So good that I began to predict many different things. They told me to go for the state university system which was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.My parents as well were pushing state universities due to the fact they were both white collar educated people. My father was a doctor from an Egyptian immigrant family and my mother was a television businesswoman from a hispanic family. The idea of an electrician was never known to anyone, in fact, I never even heard the term Electrician.

As dumb and foolish as I was, I never expected how the year would turn. I was an arrogant moron for diving into cannabis and alcohol. So much though that I was actually caught by campus security and had my dorm room stripped away. I remember the next house I lived in that deprived me of sleep every night. Hard drugs of all kinds along with loud music were present around me. I could never get to sleep. My grades fell to where I’ve even received an F in one of my classes. The university system had turned it’s back on me in such a harsh way. My parents never cared though. My father and mother were divorced and were both heavy users of cannabis, so to them it was all part of the “college experience”. Such a stupid term.

When I was left alone many times up there all by myself, I tended to go crazy up there. Nothing ever made sense and I began to hate everyone around me thinking that it was either this worthless university, or death. No one cared what happened. One night though things sort of changed, I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember seeing in my head trains and airplanes. Ideas that were long dead have been rebuilt. The song Real Love by the smashing pumpkins was playing and all of a sudden I was in a different world.

A sort of magical world where it felt surreal. My description is a little odd but imagine a world in Ancient Greece but where airplanes were flying. The moon was smiling and we lived in a happy world where all we could do was build electric gadgets and fly in airplanes. To see the whole world that never existed but was beautiful. There was no politics, no christianity and no religion whatsoever.ff446de27cb405083dfb22733a9c1efa





Everything around me was just meadows. I lived on the planet with vast meadows and nearby were the Ancient Greeks and Romans building airplanes and tinkering with new electronics. The moon was only an airplane ride away.

I lived happily in the meadows for all of time. Though in my moment I searched for this one story in Greek mythology. It was about a boy and his mother. Although I could not recall the story name it went like this:

Zeus had fell in love with a Greek woman named Callisto whom he had a baby with. Venus was overcome with jealousy and tried to have the baby killed. However Zeus tried to save the two by hiding them on Earth, in order to hide Callisto from Venus though he had to turn her into a bear. When the two have fell down to Earth, the boy was in a basket that Argus herself had carried in her mouth to a door step of a poor Greek couple. They both took him in and raised him overtime. Callistog_u_a_r_d_i_a_n_by_whispered_graphics3-1.pngcallisto arcas.jpg8fc2244aae85161b64ba9324ef692c36_large.jpgzeus-as-artemis.jpeg had always looked over him. Every night she would crawl to his window to watch him sleep. One day though Venus had found the two and tried to kill them. Zeus had to think fast so he came down to Earth when the boy was of the age of 16 and told him the story. With one shot from Zeus’ silver arrow the boy and his mother were propelled into the sky and hid in the stars. To this day you can see them.the-boy-and-the-bear-scaled.jpg

After being transferred into this world by my mind, I sort of came back to regular planet Earth where I felt the need to rekindle that world. I decided to devote my life into electrical work as a way to feel close to that world. And thus I have dropped statistics and had begun to be reborn where I worked and built brilliant inventions and still to this day keep building

 PTSD is still a battle for me but my only escape is through electronics and electricity.One day when I work in a factory I’ll feel like that world is back every single day. It’ll be amazing to build motors and automate controls and once that day comes, I will be free of my PTSD forever.

I know the rest of the Earth will be concerned with Radical Islam,politics,who’s famous but I’ll be concerned with only recreating this world.


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