How to find electrical jobs based on fields


When it comes to construction the best way to find a job is through going onto the bluebook and personally looking for electrical contractors. There are thousands of electrical contractors in a large city and many of them tend to have a more liberal attitude about travel. What needs to be remembered is that construction work is actually a stationary job because of the fact that you go to the same area every weekday for a certain number of months.


Industrial work has heavy disadvantages if you live in an urban area of the city. When it comes to industrial work you will need to leave the areas and move to more rural regions of your state. On my own observations I have found that liberal states such as California, that have heavy regulations, do not have a lot of industrial jobs, however, they do make more money then their conservative counterparts. When it comes to those jobs though, you need to understand that there will be more competition. If you want a good industrial electrical job it is best to find a rural, conservative state such as Texas or Kansas. Though, rural liberal states do have their benefits too, but not as much as conservative states.


For service work, this tends to be the most common type of work for an electrician and is usually the stereotypical work EG: Larry the Cable Guy. For this work, if you do not have a driver’s license then it is better to work as a service technician in a very small state such as Connecticut or Rhode Island. However, a lot of times you will still need to have a driver’s license for this work. Just know that this work is a good career for someone who likes to drive. If you are able to get a driver’s license in your state then I would suggest to take this work as an apprentice or if you would like a good career.


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