Month: February 2016

Future of the NEC codebook

Well I wanted to make a codebook based post once again but this time about what will be featured in the upcoming years of 2020 and beyond. I am convinced that cable television is going to be obsolete and replaced with wireless internet routers. Unfortunately the cable is becoming less and less used as we can see from our millennial generation. With the rise of game consoles that play media such as Hulu and Netflix I believe we will see the rise of the electronic era and the end of the electrical era. Electrical will never be obsolete for good but we are seeing lighting and power sources will always be important. I believe though we will see more rules designed around wireless electronics and even automobiles which are becoming more electric now a days.

Even if the self driving car doesn’t come out you will still have vehicles that are completely electric operating on the road. Whether you like it or not electricity is taking over and for our electrical codes, they will begin to involve themselves around it. 

My next topic would be the self driving car, the idea of it sounds almost insane and makes no sense. Would you be afraid of it or would you accept it? All literally based on your age. It seems millennials are a lot more accepting of it so there is a strong chance you will see it described in our NEC books in the next ten years.

There is a phrase that everyone was saying: be on the right side of history. However which side is the right side? For an electrician, this idea of a self driving car in our NEC books sounds ludicrous but things are changing. 

It seems as well we might also be replaced by engineers some day if we’re not careful. Every year that goes by American universities graduate 9000 new electrical engineers a year while we tend to keep aging. Our kids don’t want to take up our trade so who will be left in the coming years?

Be careful be very careful on not embracing change.


Breaking the taboo of mental illness 

This is going to be a very controversial idea to some of you but I need to say this. Mainstream psychology and therapy does not work. Not only does it not work but they do not do anything in the first place. I’ve been to many different therapists who were supposed to help me but it seems I only got worse. My mental health and even my PTSD never changed until I got off therapy completely. I’m sure some of you have heard this statement from your therapist:

“Maybe the therapy can help” 

It doesn’t, not only does it not help but they don’t even do anything. No advice, no help not even any strategies to create coping skills for many problems. I am coping with problems that I should’ve coped with when I was 16. 

Not only that but a fairly thick majority of them are mentally ill or have a very heavy mental flaw themselves. It’s exactly like telling an ex taxi driver all of your problems.

 I’m sure there will be someone who will immaturely deny my opinion with childish behaviors EG name calling, similar to my cannabis post, but I’m only here to tell the cold hard truth. I’m not on this site to have followers or make friends I’m here to say the truth. If you do comment hateful remarks along with name calling please note I will delete your comments right away.

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Mark Twain