To those who are going through a difficult path

I’ve given my feelings on the matter and I have nothing more to give. I’m on my way of becoming an electrician now with great grades and a great future on the East Coast. It’s going to be ok and life will get better. Remember to love anyone, when you see someone in need be sure to be there for them. Giving is the only way to live, don’t put others down for your own self worth. The loving and kind electrician will be a lot more successful than the hateful and arrogant one.

When that loving electrician becomes a contractor he will be rewarded with a loyal and grateful workforce ready to stand by his side. He will know how to suspect anyone who is attacking him and he will be more wise for his love. The real reward though will be a revival of our field, we will experience more electricians than ever and we will have a workforce dedicated to having full employment of all of them. There is more strength and more of a reward when you help your brother electrician than attack him.


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